GROWTH MINDSET Print & Make Display PLUS 10 Inspirational Posters!

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Everything you need to create this bright and beautiful growth mindset display PLUS 10 inspirational posters your school will LOVE!

This product includes everything you need to easily put together this awesome growth mindset display! I think it'd look perfect on a bulletin board, in a hallway, or in your classroom! I'm including detailed directions... it's VERY simple!

Growth mindset is such a POWERFUL, life-changing skill we can teach our kids (and ourselves, right?!)! :) My own kids at home (2nd and 4th grade) actually helped me come up with all the words for the display.

Within a few minutes of tweeting this display I got more likes than I ever have on Twitter! And tons of compliments from kids and staff who saw it in the hall. People just LOVE it. It's a message we all need to hear and remember.

The words say:

Grow your brain
take Risks
have an Open mind
Work hard
Think hard
Have courage

Mistakes help you learn (or mistakes help me learn)- both versions included- you pick!
not yet Instead of not
try New things
be Determined
S-t-r-e-t-c-h your brain
put in Effort
Take your time... be patient

But wait- there's more! I'm also including 10 full-color posters that go along with this idea. They'd look great near the words or somewhere else. 

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❤️"Easy! Saved me time! Thank you!"

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❤️"This looks great in my classroom! Thanks for this easy to put together resource for my classroom."