American Symbols BUNDLE! Presidents , Constitution Day , Eagles , Flag & MORE!

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Bundle Description
If you have plans to teach about American Symbols this year (like The Statue of Liberty, Bald Eagles, The American Flag, Constitution Day, Presidents, and more!) and you're looking for some time- tested, teacher and student approved, NO PREP resources, you are going to love this!


This bundle includes many of my FAVORITE interactive shows that are each guaranteed to turn into AWESOME (and very easy to teach) lessons. You basically just display and read/talk through the PDF show. Anticipation guides are embedded for kids to keep the very engaged and hunting for answers to the questions. I've actually used several of these for lessons when I was getting observed by my principal or peer coach and they've always gone really well! They're classic lessons I use year after year and look forward to them each time because they're ZERO prep for me and are engaging and valuable for the kids. Check out everything that's included!