Zoo Animal Research BUNDLE ... Science Mixed w/ Authentic Literacy Practice

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Bundle Description

Your class will go WILD for these age-appropriate research projects! ;) And you'll love the quick, daily practice they get with beginning and ending sounds, blends, digraphs, and sight words... all "cleverly disguised" as engaging animal research projects.


This money-saving bundle includes all of these favorites to spread throughout your school year: Penguin, Panda, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, Shark, Hippo, Gorilla, Rhino, Lion, Spider, and Bat.





Each animal comes with:

Student Pages: a PDF file that can be printed and made into a research packet for your students. It includes a cute cover, table of contents, and 5 pages for research: diagram (kids fill in the labels ... fabulous facts are included about each part), habitat, food, babies, & fun facts. Each page includes about 8-10 blanks where students will have to (with your guidance) fill in things like: missing letter sounds (beginning, medial, and ending), simple sight words, blends, digraphs, or numbers. It's all very AUTHENTIC and IN-CONTEXT, which makes it more MEANINGFUL, MEMORABLE, and FUN for everyone!!!

Answer Key and Teaching Tips: for you, teachers ... no guessing... simple and clear

A Google Slides File: packed full of quick 1-3 minute, teacher-approved YouTube video clips that make each day's lesson COME TO LIFE! For example: You'll learn about baby penguin chicks and then SEE them in action (without having to spend your precious teacher time surfing the internet for clips that are appropriate and interesting- been there, done that, and I gotcha covered!) There are SO MANY AMAZING vids linked within this resource.


I like to focus on one animal per week... it's fun to study bats and spiders in the Fall, penguins in the Winter, have a "Shark Week" as Summer approaches... and sprinkle the rest throughout the school year. We work on one page per day and it only takes about 10 minutes and I show the video clips as kids are putting their supplies away (it's motivation for them to hustle- ha!). Five pages in each research packet make it a perfect fit for a typical school week.


Each page includes about 8-10 blanks where students will have to (with your guidance or whatever you feel is appropriate) fill in things like: missing letter sounds (beginning, medial, and ending), sight words, blends, digraphs, or numbers.


Here is what it looks like in my Kindergarten classroom: Students all have their packets and pencils and follow along as I read the text aloud. When we come to a blank, we pause and make guesses about what would make sensethere, we think aloud about how to write it (I model), give them time to write it, and then move on to the next blank. We re-read as we go along (and they read with me). The literacy experience is all very AUTHENTIC and IN-CONTEXT, which makes it more MEANINGFUL, MEMORABLE, and FUN for everyone!!!


By the end of each week, your little learners will have gained lots of great literacy practice and they'll feel like proud animal experts! Chances are good YOU will have even learned some cool new info as well (I know I learned A LOT researching and creating these projects! Animals are fascinating! I worked hard to pull out truly interesting facts and not just the typical blah, blah, blah). :)


At the end of last school year, my class was making a list of their favorite things we learned in Kindergarten and guess what- they included about EVERY ANIMAL we studied!!! I was shocked... and so happy to realize how truly memorable and meaningful these lessons were for them. They became some of the highlights of their year! ❤️


These animal projects are also available as individual units in my store. You save 30% by buying them as a bundle though.... that's like getting 4 for FREE and it gets you set up for the entire school year... great deal! :)


Thanks for stopping by! ENJOY this bundle, follow my store if you ❤️ it, and have a beautiful school year!