Martin Luther King Jr. AWESOME Project Pack! Perfect for Black History Month

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Looking for a variety of creative, meaningful activities to do with your class in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr? You found it all right here! 

This pack is full of my FAVORITE, tried and true MLK Jr resources from the past 20+ years in the classroom and I’m excited to share them with YOU here! This pack is unique in the way that it's wonderful for such a WIDE range of ages... teachers have used and loved it with their pre-K through 5th grade classes. 

You’ll receive four resources in one :

* A colorful, engaging PDF for you to easily read aloud and flip through (like a book with BIG pictures that are easier for kids to see!) to introduce students to who MLK Jr was & why he was so important. It includes an anticipatory set to check student’s background knowledge and comprehension as well as 30 pages of rich content and awesome photos from MLK Jr's life.

* Four “I Have a Dream” writing page options. There are two main styles and they have different numbers of lines/spacing to help you differentiate and choose which one would be the best fit for your class.

* A hands-on creative project so kids can make MLK Jr out of construction paper. This always turns out SO well and actually ends up looking shockingly like MLK Jr. :) I usually display these with the writing paper described above.

* A painting project that includes 26 of MLK Jr’s thought-provoking, eloquent quotes. Just print and let kids paint over the top with watercolors (examples included for inspiration). Kids LOVE doing this and they turn out SOOOO beautiful. I always hang them in the hall around the other MLK projects. 3 files are included: two are PDFs – identical wording, but in different fonts (so you can print & go with the font you like most) & the other is an editable Word doc in case you want to change the font to something else you like more. There are also optional reflection pages to go with the quotes.