Groundhogs Day Activities : Hat / Headband . Math . Science . Writing . FUN!

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This resource is packed full of creative, educational, engaging NO-PREP activities you’ll LOVE to include as part of your Groundhog’s Day season! Your class is going to love this.


You could use any of the pages as stand alone lessons or activities, or you could make several of them into a handy “packet” kids can work through. Those pages include:


OPTIONAL JOURNAL COVER: A beautiful way to get organized. Kids will enjoy coloring this in their spare time.

SIGHT WORDS: ”Roll, Write, and Race” game (uses dice). Which word will race to the top first?

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ANIMALS IN WINTER: Kids simply define hibernating, migrating, and adapting and see/color examples of animals that do each of these.

SHADOW MATCH-UP: Use visual discrimination to draw lines from animals to their shadows.

MATH: GRAPHING, RECORDING & INTERPRETING SIMPLE DATA: an interactive, self directed survey project: kids ask 10 friends to decide which season they would wish more for: Winter or Spring.

MATH: GRAPHING, RECORDING & INTERPRETING SIMPLE DATA: a whole class graph predicting whether or not the groundhog will see his shadow. Cards are included to make a visual whole class graph. Includes space for kids to write their name on their card and color the groundhog. The graph has up to 23 spaces for either answer.

 MATH: COUNTING: Cover the Shadow Partner Game (uses dice)

MATH: ADDITION TO 12: Race to Capture the Weather Partner Game (uses dice)

WORD SEARCH: 21 groundhog-themed words included in a simple, clear format

HEADBAND / HAT: 2 super cute options to attach to sentence strips or strips of paper and make into headbands. You can copy these on brown construction paper or let kids color white paper.