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Look out because your class is sure to have SO MUCH FUN as they’re busily working, writing, delivering, creating, and cooperating in your classroom post office! And they'll get some awesome writing practice while they're at it, too!

This is a perfect activity to set up around Valentine’s Day or ANY time of year in a dramatic play area, as part of a writing center, or anywhere in class!


Prep can be as simple or elaborate as you want, but everything included in this kit will really make it really simple for you. You’ll find:

* Supply labels for markers, crayons, paper, postcards, envelopes, glue, scissors, and pencils

* “The Post Office” sign

* Easy to read, step-by-step anchor chart instructions -with visuals- so students know how to send a postcard, how to send a card, and how to deliver the mail.

* A colorful list of message ideas to get little writers off to a meaningful start

* An editable form (separate editable file, included in this purchase) where you can input names of everyone in your class and even include a small picture if you want (Do you get those little rectangle yearbook stickers? They fit perfectly!). Consider including other school staff or people kids may want to write to, like the Nurse, Secretary, Principal, support staff, etc.!

* 4 styles of super cute stamps you can print (they come in color, but you could totally print them in color or black & white and they’d look fine!) for kids to cut apart and glue stick on to their postcards or envelopes. (fine motor practice- yay!)

* Printable postcards so you have an endless supply to feed your eager writers!

Optionally, you may consider adding a few simple items like some plain white paper (or color- whatever you like- for making cards!) , a mailbox (you could buy a cheap one at a home improvement store or even just use a cardboard box and label it- the kids won’t care if it’s fancy or not), some envelopes (see if any parents want to donate some?). None of that is necessary, but it’s totally up to you. :)

Your kids will fall in LOVE with writing if you open a class post office and this kit will make it easier than ever for you! Enjoy!