Ice Skating and Hot Cocoa Dramatic Play Center

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Your kids are going to LOVE working and skating hard in the Ice Skating Rink. As they play, they’ll be building their social and emotional skills, language skills, problem solving skills, math skills, and of course- their imaginations as they serve hot cocoa and manage and skate at the rink!

You may want to add a few props (just things you already have around your classroom or home... or cheap things you can grab from the dollar store), but most of what you’ll need is right here in this resource!



This resource includes:

A helpful list of possible supplies to include

Student role card nametags (in small and medium sizes)

Hot Cocoa order forms to practice reading, writing, and counting

An Open/Closed sign kids can flip back and forth

2 colorful welcome signs in both full page and poster-sized options

3 bright half-pages signs directing customers to the ice, where to order hot cocoa, and where rent their skates

12 labels to label everything in the shop, create props, and show kids where to put things away when they’re done. PRINT RICH, useful for organization, and included in 2 different sizes to fit your space and needs!

A page of very detailed instructions about how to SIMPLY gather the props you need using what you already have in class, printed from this resource, or from around home.

A visual cookbook page with directions for how to make hot cocoa.

Printable peppermint sticks and snowflakes and everything you need for an engaging, active dramatic play center!

You kids are going to LOOOOVE this!