Dramatic Play Fitness Center ... Yoga . Exercise . Burn Energy & Build Muscles

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Your students are going to LOVE working out in the Kid’s Fitness Center!! As they play, they’ll be building their social and emotional skills, language skills, problem solving skills, math skills, and of course- they’ll also be burning energy and building their muscles! You’ll probably be surprised and impressed how seriously they take it and how much fun it is for them. Get your camera ready because I promise- it’s really, really cute!


This is one of the few dramatic play centers you can actually make work with ZERO - very minimal props (because kids just use their bodies and the printable pages from this resource!). You may want to add a few little light 2-3 pound hand weights (maybe you or families from your class already have them around your homes... or you can grab them cheaply from 5 Below), but basically, know this: 99% of what you’ll need is right here in this resource!


You get:

• List of other supplies you could include (but I promise you don’t need to- I personally just have a few hand weights)

• Helpful teacher tips

• 1O decorative/inspirational signs to hang around your fitness center

• 5 sets of 4 unique yoga moves, complete with the most adorable clip art models and very detailed teacher directions so you can teach kids how to do the poses

• 5 sets of 4 unique strength moves, with real-life pictures and simple directions (kids use body weight or hand weights or even “pretend weights”)

• Open/Closed sign kids can flip back and forth

• Colorful welcome sign


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