Cookie Shop Dramatic Play Center . Cookbook, Lists , Labels , Name Tags, & More!

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Your kids are going to LOVE working hard in the “Little Sweeties Cookie Shop!” As they play, they’ll be building their social and emotional skills, language skills, problem solving skills, math skills, and of course- their imaginations as they bake up cookies and donuts for their customers! Just add a few props and let the fun begin!




This resource includes:

Student role card nametags

Order forms for writing and calculating total # of items

Loyal customer coupons

An Open/Closed sign kids will love to flip back and forth

Colorful welcome sign

Bright fun labels to tape onto reusable customer bags

Special ”buttons” to add to your oven for kids to press for each treat they make

✅5 pages of BIG ingredient labels (so for example, you can tape one onto an ordinary box or bin and then it will look like it’s flour J)

✅6 pages of small labels to label everything in the shop and show kids where to put things away when they’re done. PRINT RICH and useful!

✅13 pages of printables, photos, and detailed directions on 4 different ways you could create your cookies and donuts – you do whatever works best for you (options include: play food, paper, print & laminate, or use felt and flexible foam)

✅5 page visual cookbook with “directions” for making each special treat.Just add a few props & let the fun begin!

A Helpful List of Simple Props and Supplies You COULD Include: They may be things you already have around your classroom or home or things you could ask families if they'd like to donate (because they may have them sitting around, too!).



❤️Your class will absolutely LOOOOOVE working and learning with the tools included here.


Play is the work of childhood... let your kids get to "work", without making a lot of work for yourself! :)