The Teacher's Guide to Healthy Eating! Meal plans, food lists, & more!

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Hello, busy teachers! 
It's time to invest in YOU! 
You do so much for your students and your beautiful classroom, but this Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Eating is for YOU! It’s full of “tried and true” tools and education to get your nutrition moving in the right direction! I’m a busy teacher too and my husband is a certified personal trainer/ wellness coach. I created these tools based on his expert guidance, experience, and research. I’ve personally used everything included here and feel like it’s too powerful and effective to NOT share! If you take it seriously, I promise you’ll see results. So here you go! I wish you all the BEST in your journey towards greater health!

Because I wanted things to be as accessible, editable, and simple as possible, you will receive instructions and a web address that will take you to a unique Google Document upon purchasing. I promise it's super simple and teacher friendly. You don't need any special software or fancy skills. :)

Here’s what you’ll find included here:

◍ An editable page to record your before & after measurements (print & write it in or just record digitally & keep it online)

◍Instructions and ideas for taking before and after photos

◍ Detailed, easy-to-understand information about carb cycling: what it is, exactly how to do it, and why it works… I swear, it’s like magic and really, really works! 

◍ A super helpful, organized list of recommended foods from every food group and also a short list of foods to avoid. Everything is on one easy-to-read page so it’s convenient to post on your fridge or wherever you want to see it.

◍ Two completely editable templates for you to lay out your weekly meal plan. Both can be printed & written on or typed into and kept online. Both include a space for workout notes, snacks, meals, and even recommended general ideas on which food groups to choose from and what serving sizes look like for each snack and meal. EVERYTHING is super easy to edit or change to fit your preferences. One template is geared towards carb cycling and the other is more of a general meal planning sheet. Use whichever one you like best and feel free to edit as much as you want to make it your own!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!