Emergency Sub Plans for Kindergarten-1st Grade: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Lesson Plans

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Looking for the perfect lesson plans to pop in your emergency sub folder? Or maybe you suddenly can't make it to school tomorrow and you need some quick ideas for your sub and students. Look no further... Super speedy emergency sub plans to the rescue! This packet contains at least 3+ hours of activities for your PreK-1 students to do with you or with a sub, all focused around the awesome book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff.


You or your sub would have to make a few quick photocopies, but that's it. No other materials (besides the usual crayons, glue, scissors and maybe some dice) are required! No color copies are needed. You only need one copy of the book. Yee-haw!

This packet includes directions and talking points for reading the story, a fun retelling/ sequencing activity, a favorite cookie pictograph and bar graph, a cute class book, a tree map writing activity, a pattern creating activity and game, an addition dice game, and other ideas for a game to play, a song to sing, and a great website to visit. Once you combine that with all your usual routines (like morning meeting, specials, lunch, recess, etc), you'll definitely have a day's worth of activities in a jiffy!

And you know what? This doesn't even have to be for the sub! If you would like to have some great activities to go with Mouse books, get this packet for yourself! Don't save all the fun for the subs! ;) 

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy these activities! 

Happy Buyers say:


"A GREAT way to work smarter not harder!!! Easiest emergency sub plans ever!!!!"

"As a parent of young kids, it is so nice to know I have amazing sub plans set up in case I need to be out. What a huge time saver. Thank you!!"

"Very thorough plans. I love that I can simply print and copy and I'm ready for a sub. I appreciate all the hard work that shines through this resource."


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