Penguins : Directed Drawing | Animal Research | Literacy | Science ..all in one!

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Get ready because these resources are some of my all-time FAVORITES to teach!

Both are ZERO PREP & so memorable & fun for the kids! They go really well over distance or in person.


1. The BEST Penguin Animal Research packet. This is a truly unique blend of science, phonics, literacy, & writing. There are 5 pages so I like to teach one per day: diagram, habitat, food, babies (eeek!), and fun facts. Each page is missing some letter sounds and easy-to-sound-out words so students need to help you figure out what's missing and then fill it in on their paper. Then, for the grand finale each day, short (~1-3 min) youtube video clips are included that literally make the day's research and learning COME TO LIFE! It's the best! Learn about baby penguins and then see them in action. The animal research is an activity my students always remember and beg to do (because there are a whole collection of animals if you like this and want more).

2. The BEST Penguin Directed Drawing! It comes complete with special paper that gets kids off to the perfect start (optional to use) and a gorgeous multi-page PDF that walks you and your students step-by-step through all the gorgeous details of this drawing. I've used it with every age from pre-K to 6th grade and they all love it and feel so happy with how their artwork turned out! Always gorgeous!

For a better preview and more info, feel free to click the individual resources included. I promise you'll LOVE them (and so will your students!!!).

Please note, these resources cannot be used on Outschool or similar platforms where lessons are sold and families purchase classes. Thank you! Reach out if you have questions.