How to Draw a Superhero Directed Drawing Art & Writing Project - Great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Gift

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Looking for a perfect directed drawing project that will totally save the day? ⭐ Let your little superheroes discover their artistic talents and learn how to draw a superhero with this best-selling directed drawing and writing project!

This project makes superhero drawings easy and is AWESOME for:
✅The beginning or end of the school year (if kids write about themselves or a friend)
✅Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Grandparent’s Day (so CLASSIC and very popular!)
✅Teacher gifts (write about a teacher)
✅Just for fun anytime! Perfect for hallway displays, gifts, superhero themes or memory books. It’s just SO cute... and SIMPLE to teach/create!
A HUGE Variety of Writing Papers: this package includes 42 different options! Half page options say "________ is a superhero because ___________" and full page options are fill-in-the-blank style with many cute, thoughtful sentences to complete, making it simple for any age. Pages are specifically for:
⭐teacher (man or woman)
⭐friend (boy or girl)
⭐self (as I, student, preschooler, kindergartener, 1st grader, 2nd grader, 3rd grader, 4th grader, 5th grader, and 6th grader)
The Show: A step-by-step instructional PDF to display and guide your kids through the directed drawing. Dozens of pictures are thoughtfully compiled in a neat, organized show with clear explanations, details, and loads of creative variations so all YOU have to do is flip through it, one page at a time.
"Perfect Start" Drawing Paper is included to ensure everyone is set up for success from the beginning thanks to a few discreet "starting points."
NEW! More FUN Options: tools to create a truly unique cityscape background behind the superhero You'll get: simple instructions, tracer templates for buildings, and 19 different special paper options to choose from: amazing, best dad ever, best grandma ever, best grandma ever, best mom ever, BFF, boom, celebrate, Happy Father's Day, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Grandparent's Day, I am super, I love you, love, thank you, wow, you are special, you are super, and you rock.
➪ In case you're curious, I can promise you this project is not too hard for Kindergarten because I've used & loved it many times (the adorable pictures you see here on TPT are all done by Kindergarten artists- wow!)! And of course... older kiddos LOVE it, too! It's always a HIT!
Full page writing papers are fill-in-the-blank style so it's simple for every age.

Get this "how to draw a superhero" activity as part of my directed drawing project bundle and SAVE!
❤️This is the best directed drawing I've ever seen! My first graders exceeded my artistic expectations for them! They were very creative and had a blast drawing themselves as a superhero!
❤️I absolutely loved doing this directed draw with my students. The directions for the teacher were super thorough and the directions and activity slides were AMAZING in doing the directed draw with the students. I loved that each slide had a picture to show which part the students were going to be drawing on - it helped them so much!
❤️I really needed a project for father's day that would work for the two students in my class who don't have a father but I still wanted them to be able to participate. This was absolutely perfect.
❤️LOVE your direct drawings! I was an art major originally and your direct drawings are better than what I could think of to teacher!!! Fun & easy for the kids!
❤️"I was amazed at how these turned out! I love how directed drawings still turn out so individualized. Such a great confidence booster for the kids!"
❤️Downloaded and taught within 5 minutes. Perfect for a last minute project. Thank you!