Group Work Role Cards ... Make Cooperative Learning More Productive & Fun!

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Product Description
These cards are your perfect hassle-free plan to define student roles during cooperative group work! 

9 roles are included to give you a variety of student jobs to choose from: 
✅Time Tracker 
✅Supply Manager

Each role also comes with a simple, clear description of what's involved on the back of the card.
You will probably not use ALL 9 in the same project, but with all these options you'll enjoy the freedom to choose whatever you need/want. Check out the preview for a better look at everything that's included.

Cards can be made into necklaces, just handed out as cards, propped up in binder clips, or even stuck in elastic headbands. They can be dealt out randomly amongst group members or strategically assigned by you. However you choose to use them, my hope is that these cards make your teacher-life a little simpler and your groups run a whole lot smoother. 

Made with ❤️ from Katie at HOWYWOOD Kindergarten