Dog Directed Drawing . Awesome Art for ANY time of year . Distance or In Person!

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This project is the perfect way to have some extra fun with your students! It would be great as a bulletin board, memory book addition, hallway display, or whatever else you think would be fun.

 Two key features make Howywood's directed drawing uniquely teacher & student friendly:

 ✅A beautifully detailed, full color 29-slide presentation that guides your artists step-by-step through every detail of their drawing. Clear, simple instructions, thoughtful tips, and creative options are all included to help ensure a successful, tear-free drawing experience for everyone (including you, teachers- haha)! It’s SO SIMPLE to teach because you just flip through the slides, read them aloud, and monitor student’s progress.

 ✅“Perfect Start Paper” You simply print and give each child one of these to start drawing on. It includes lightly printed anchor points for artists. Everything is still uniquely hand drawn by the kids, but the special papers just give them the boundaries they need for a truly stress-free, positive art experience. The project can be done with OR without the papers- your choice.

 If you're looking for other directed drawing resources, we have a year-long bundle (this project is not included there) : The YEAR-LONG BUNDLE includes 11 beautiful directed drawing projects! Click here to check it out!



Happy teachers are saying:

 ❤️ "The kids LOVED it. I'm a big fan of directed drawing activities, and this one is laid our beautifully. So fun!"

 ❤️ "I was amazed at how these turned out! I love how directed drawings still turn out so individualized. Such a great confidence booster for the kids!"

 ❤️ "Love this. It is easy to follow, has everything anyone can need for this project, and it looks amazing."

 ❤️ "Wow - fantastic! I love to do directed drawings and you have set this set up beautifully. I especially like the paper to give students the starting positions!"

 ❤️ "I like directed drawing because I can fit it into my lesson, the kids have to follow directions and they feel good about something that they have created."

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