Visual Schedule Cards ... 168 Options in 2 Popular Styles! EDITABLE!

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Kids love knowing what their school day will hold and this set makes it SIMPLE for you to show them! If you're looking for clean, simple, easy to read, tons of options with the HOTTEST styles of clipart, this set is for you!

Honestly. Here's what happened-- I could NOT choose between 2 of my favorite, super talented clip artists (Creative Clips & Kate Hadfield) for this set so I thought- "Alright, let's give everyone BOTH!" Then YOU can all choose whatever YOU like best for each subject you need! Personally, I'm going to choose some from each for my classroom schedule display and you can do that too if you want! 

I'm planning to print them all (they're pretty ink friendly because there aren't any fancy, distracting, patterned borders), cut out the ones I want, laminate, and stick a little piece of velcro on back. 

Cards measure 5 inches x 2 inches. Check out the preview for a closer look!

There are 84 subjects included and 2 OPTIONS for each of them for a total of 168 cards (again, pick the one you like!). These are in a PDF file so everyone can print them easily. If there's anything special you want to include that's not already here, I'm also including an editable powerpoint file so you can make more cards that are exactly the same size and style! It includes a link to the free font I used so yours can match exactly. There are SO MANY choices though, chances are good you won't need to add a thing! Check out the list:

A: Assembly, Art, Announcements, Arrival

B: Breakfast, Brain Break, Bathroom Break, Birthday, Big Book, Brain Boxes

C: Calendar, Calendar Math, Choice Time, Computer Lab, Centers, Clean Up, Celebration, Circle Time, Class Meeting

D: Daily 5, Dismissal, Directed Drawing, DEAR

E: Extra Recess

F: Field Trip, Free Choice

G: Guided Reading, Gym, Guidance, Guest Reader

H: Health, Handwriting

I: iPads

J: Journals

L: Literacy Centers, Library, Literacy Routine

M: Mystery Reader, Morning Work, Morning, Meeting, Morning Jobs, Math, Math Stations, Morning Message, Media Center, Music

N: Nature Center

O: Outdoor Classroom

P: Play Time, Pack & Stack, Poems & Songs, Popcorn Words, Project, Partner Games, Pledge, Pack Up, Prayer

Q: Quiet Time, Quiz

R: Reading, Recess, Rest Time, Read Aloud

S: School News, Show & Tell, Science, Social Studies, Special Event, Story Time, Snack, Sight Words, Star Student, Star of the Week, Spelling, Specials, Special Visitor

T: Test, Technology, Tablets

W: Word Work, Writer’s Workshop, Writing, WIN Time, Work Places 

Thanks for stopping by! ENJOY this resource, follow my store if you ❤️ it, and have a beautiful school year!