Substitute Binder + Sub Plans ... Totally Editable, Amazingly Detailed!

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Being gone from school is tough enough as it is do yourself a favor and check out "The READY for ANYTHING Sub Binder!" Make life easier, save yourself TONS of time and stress, and ensure that your sweet class and brave guest teacher have an amazing day even when you're away. Bright, colorful, already filled in with tons of classroom-tested ideas (unlike MOST binders out there! You'll save valuable time because you won't have to start from scratch!), and very easy to edit! Wait, what?? Yep -- it's EDITABLE! LOVE! 


You'll find:

❤️An editable welcome note to your sub (I filled it out so you could just put your name on it and be ready to roll or edit it as much as you please!)

❤️A page for your class list, complete with space to include phonetic pronunciation if needed (My subs have told me they appreciate this SO much! Getting those names correct is really important!)

❤️Adorable, editable name tags so your sub knows who is who as seen here! (I also use these for locker tags and such around my classroom cause they're that cute!)

❤️2 cover options with a space to personalize it by adding your name and school name (use any font you want!)

❤️ 1 inch, 1.5 inch, and 2 inch binder spine edges with room to insert your text (again, any font!)

❤️ An editable transportation list that beautifully organizes your entire week on one page so everyone gets home the correct way (this is good for YOU, too! Not just for subs!)

❤️ A gorgeous schedule you can easily make your own (again- get this for YOU, too!). 

❤️ Contact Information page so your sub knows where and how to find all the "need-to-know" people in your school.

❤️ Login Information page (of course be careful what you put on here) perfect for things like how to get to your GoNoodle page, etc.

❤️ "Emergency Procedures" with a list of things to bring in case of drills or the unthinkable (again, this is filled in already to save you time and you can just tweak it to fit your needs).

❤️ "Time Filler Ideas" (Ready to go again! Print as is or edit/add your own!)

❤️"Classroom Management" page so your sub knows how you like to motivate individuals and the class as a whole.

❤️ "Special Needs at a Glance" page so they can quickly and easily see who they need to be aware of and why.

❤️ "Where to Find" page so you can tell them where to find important things like your emergency plans, the lunch count, attendance, and band aids.

❤️ "Sub Report" page to print off so your sub can pencil in notes to tell you about the day... what did they do in the morning? How about the afternoon? Who was absent? Who was really helpful and well behaved? Who needed too many reminders? Anything else? This covers it ALL. It's the only piece that's not editable because it's meant to just be printed for your sub.

❤️ 6 full pages of 12-pt font, super detailed, real-life plans that could work for almost any day! You'll want to edit them to fit your schedule, but it's a HUGE time-saver to not have to start from scratch! These are editable in Microsoft Word.

All other items are editable through PowerPoint. All are VERY easy to edit. Just click, type, print and you're ready to roll!

✏️Make life easier, save yourself TONS of time and stress, and ensure that your sweet class and brave guest teacher have an amazing day even when you're away. ❤️❤️❤️


“This resource has saved me so much time and helped to organize all the information for subs. I highly recommend this to all teachers!”

“You have designed a great template and have covered all the bases. This will make my life easier. Thank you so much!”

“This is awesome! I have my first sub coming to my class on Friday, and this was so easy to fill in and use!”