Baby Shower Planning Kit w/ Advice Papers, Editable Sign-Up, Ideas, Instructions

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Do you want to help throw a baby shower for a special parent-to-be / teacher at your school? This kit is everything you need!


I threw a couple of baby showers this school year for my personal kid's teachers (yes, lots of babies!) and they were SO MUCH FUN! 

Honestly though, I DID have to do a lot of work to come up with ideas, create a baby advice paper for kids to fill out, and send out messages to families to try to get them involved and informed. But guess what-- now I'm passing ALL the things I created on to YOU so you can save TONS of time and stress and energy! Woo-hoooo!

Check out the preview for more details, but you'll get:

✅ 2 slightly different options of baby advice forms that are editable as far as being able to type in the teacher's name and student's name (I used this same form for both a 5th grade and a Kindergarten class and it worked really, really well for both of them- the things they wrote were so precious, hilarious, and thoughtful!)

✅ an additional advice form option where all the words are editable (ideal if your'e planning a shower for a male teacher -the other forms talk about being a great mom- or if the teacher is expecting twins or you just want to add your own wording)! My text is there to get you started and then it's all yours to edit as you wish!

✅ Detailed directions, time-tested tips, and instructions on how to think through your plan and what to do at the actual shower

✅ An exact, editable copy of the online sign-up wording I sent out (via email or a site like sign-up genius) to explain the plan to families and get them on board (if you can recruit even just a small handful of parents to help, they'll do most of the work then as far as a snack, decorations, a game - specific details all included)

✅ Cover options for the advice book-- pink or blue, with advice from other moms or not (it's fun to invite moms from class to type/write down a few things for the new parent), from every grade pre-school- 6th grade or just from "awesome students" if the grade-level descriptions don't fit your needs

This will be a memory the kids and teacher will treasure forever! Thanks for making it happen and I'm glad I could help make it simple for you!!! ☺