Graduation Directed Drawing and Writing Project

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This project is the perfect way to make the end of the school year so special for your students! It would be great as a bulletin board, memory book addition, hallway display, or whatever else you think would be fun.


Three key features make Howywood Kindergarten's directed drawing projects truly teacher & student friendly:


A beautifully detailed, full color 32-slide presentation that guides your artists step-by-step through every detail of their drawing. Clear, simple instructions, thoughtful tips, creative options and even visual examples of common mistakes are all included to help ensure a successful, tear-free drawing experience for everyone (including you, teachers- haha)! It’s SO SIMPLE to teach because you just flip through the slides, read them aloud, and monitor student’s progress.


“Perfect Start Papers” (two options are included) You simply print and give each

child one of these to start drawing on. It includes a couple lightly printed anchor points and small lines for artists. Everything is still uniquely hand drawn by the kids, but the special papers just give them the boundaries they need for a stress-free, positive art experience.

For younger artists or teachers who want a little bit quicker project, I’m also including a page that has the graduation hat pre-drawn so all they have to do is follow the directions for drawing their face and shoulders.


✅Finally, you get 6 full page, short and sweet writing paper options. See the preview for a good look. There is a spot for the child’s name at the top. The middle says, “Class of ______” (years 2019-2035 are included here already). The bottom portion of the page has your choice of:

✏️ 4 blank lines for kids to write whatever you/they want

✏️“When I grow up, I want to…”

✏️ “I will always remember…”

✏️“The best thing I learned this year was…”

✏️“My favorite memory from this year was…”

✏️ (all of these on one page) “This year was _______! I’ll always remember _____. This Summer I plan to _______.”