Word Family / Phonics Teaching game and fabulous flipbooks!

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This interactive, no-prep game will have your whole class standing up and CHEERING for chunks (or word families... same thing) :)! 
This is an idea I originally came up with 15 years ago and have finally gotten around to putting it all on paper to share with YOU! It's been perfected over the years, tried and true. 

Everything you need is included: detailed directions (it's easy and so, so fun!), recording sheets for kids, special word cards for each chunk, and anchor posters with pictures (in both small half sheet and large full sheet sizes) for you to display in your classroom and remind students of all they've learned. It also includes an easy-to cut and assemble flipbook for kids to quickly make and take home so they can read all their new words to their families. They'll be SO proud! I just played this last week and my little sweeties were like "YES! I can't WAIT to show this to my mom!!!" Adorable! And of course... it's a HUGE help in their efforts as they learn to read! 

Chunks/word families included are 2 for each vowel: at, an, et, en, ig, ip, ot, og, un, and ug.