Valentine's Day Activities .Valentine Card Scrapbook! Sorting, Graphing, Reading

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Product Description
Transform that pile of cards into a beautiful keepsake collection your little valentines will treasure! This project is one you'll be happy to pull out and use year after year! Ready to print & go!


This project has something to LOVE for everyone:

❤️ Kids get to turn their cards into a keepsake book they will enjoy reading and re-reading as they think about all their special school friends. Sweet memories!

❤️ You’ll love that they get practice sorting, graphing, and reading. This could also be a great activity to help make your Valentine’s Day at school a little more calm and organized. Yay!

❤️ Parents will love that they’re not cleaning little cards up off the floor for weeks at home. I have three kids and I know this is true! Haha!

Valuable details, directions, and teacher tips all included to make this project a huge success! Check out the preview for details and pictures! :)