The Thankful Project... A Creative Thanksgiving Activity to Paint

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Product Description
Looking for a breathtakingly beautiful, meaningful, SUPER SIMPLE Thanksgiving project to display or send home?
Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring or painting over these phrases about thankfulness and gratitude.


❤️ 33 pages of words and phrases that encourage an attitude of gratitude… these look beautiful when kids watercolor over the top of the words in random designs. 

❤️ 13 examples of completed artwork for you to show your class as inspiration for what they might create. 

My class LOVED painting these. Our classroom was so calm and peaceful as they created. I even printed two copies of all the options and let kids paint one to take home and one to keep at school (for me to hang up in the hall and encourage an attitude of gratitude throughout our school! Yay!). You could glue these onto black construction paper for a framed look, use them to create large greeting cards, or anything else you can imagine.... many beautiful possibilities. Enjoy!