The Important Book Project! Writing & art w/ a family portrait ... conferences

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Looking for a super sweet, hassle-free, book-based project you'll look forward to using year after year (or even several times per year?)? I LOVE to create and display these about our families around conference time. Looks great in the hallway or on a bulletin board. Families TREASURE them! 

See how this project turned out in my class!! You'll LOVE it!!!


Here is the idea:

1. Read The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown. I'm sure you can find it in the library and on Amazon- it's a classic! Notice the pattern each page follows: say the most important thing, list three really great details about it, and re-state the most important thing.

2. Choose a project:
The Most Important Thing About Me… students write about themselves and draw a self portrait.


The Most Important Thing About My Family… students write about their family and draw a picture of them. 


The Most Important Thing About _____________... you choose to have them write about anyone or anything!

(btw, I love giving teachers options so you can chose which style you like best and what would be most appropriate for the skills of your students. For each of the 3 project ideas, you get 2 different options of writing paper and 3 different styles of drawing paper). :)

3. Decide what to do with the finished product!
Ideas: Hallway or bulletin board display (especially perfect around open house or conferences when families are walking the halls!) that can be turned into a class book or a special gift to be given around winter holidays, Valentine's Day, or anytime! You could also use this to recognize/appreciate special people like school staff or students.... the ideas go on and on!

I am SURE you and your students will enjoy this project and love it as much as I do! 

Check out what other teachers are saying about this show:
"I used this lesson together with students' artwork to create a child-centered holiday gift for parents. It was well received, and I will do it again for years to come. Thanks!"

"A cute, simple activity that makes a great keepsake for families."

"Perfect for our principal's retirement. THANK YOU!"

"This is one of my favorite books! Great resource! Thanks!"