The BEST, FUN games for spelling , sight words , or popcorn word practice!

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If you’re looking for super simple ways to infuse some 
FUN and LEARNING into your spelling or word wall routine, you’ve come to the right place! 


You'll get detailed directions for 16 of the BEST, most fabulous classroom games I’ve collected over the past 16 years as a a teacher. 

Some are originals, some are “classics” that I even played when I was in elementary school (maybe you did, too!)! 

Some are played with partners or small groups, some are played whole-class. There are even a few for individuals.

ALL are easily differentiated for any elementary class, ALL require no or minimal prep, and ALL are shared with the hope that you’ll use them, your kids will LOVE them, they’ll LOVE being at school, and they’ll LOVE learning! Yay!

And one more thing... These would also make a super simple, excellent addition to your sub folder for something extra to do if they run out of things to do while you’re gone. Brilliant!

Ready? Set? Let’s play!