Spanish word book! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo or with a Spanish story/unit!

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Looking to spice up your classroom with a little Espanol? This 11 page packet is designed with Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd graders in mind. 

It includes a cute rainbow coloring page about colors, a connect the words/numbers page about numbers 1-5 and 8 awesome pages to help kids learn 36 useful Spanish words! Each page includes 4 words and definitions (so you don't have to guess if you're not a Spanish expert yourself!) that are all organized into a nice, neat category: 

⭐️ 2 pages about people: grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, friend, teacher, sister, brother

⭐️ animals: cat, dog, bird, bear

⭐️ things: pencil, jacket, book, house

⭐️ feelings: I love you, I like it, good, bad

⭐️ food: apple, corn, chicken, milk

⭐️ body parts: head, eyes, ears, mouth

⭐️ phrases: good morning, good night, happy birthday, and let's go

Each word or phrase is in a box with enough room for students to draw a little illustration to help them remember what the word means.

I think this packet would be really perfect to use around Cinco de Mayo or anytime you're studying Spanish culture or places. In my class, one of the stories in our language arts curriculum is about the adventures that happen between a girl and her Abuela... so we spend a little time during the week learning some Spanish words! 

I hope this packet will be useful to you and your students as much as it has been for mine! Kids LOVE learning a new language! 


Other awesome teachers are saying:

"I just purchased the Spanish Words Book for our Cinco de Mayo unit next week! This adorable book is perfect for my 1st graders. It is easy to read, creatively put together, and will help with basic Spanish vocab. Love it!"

"Perfect addition to our Abuela story unit!"

"Fabulous resource for our Cinco de Mayo study. The kids loved getting to learn words in Spanish! Thanks!"