Reading at Home : Tips & Tricks for Parents & Families Handout

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This one-page handout is packed with EVERYTHING you want families & learning partners to know about supporting their child's reading at home! It's based on 20 years of K/1 teaching experience : all the most popular questions I've heard from families and what we teachers know young readers need.


  • 7 detailed tips & tricks for making reading a fun and positive experience (for everyone involved!) :)
  • Directions on when and how to correct mistakes... and when to let it go.
  • How to do the 5-finger test and get a rough idea about whether or not a book is on their child's reading level.
  • 7 tips & tricks ESPECIALLY for emergent readers how it's okay to let them "read" ANYTHING, why it's beneficial to re-read familiar text, what to do if they seem stuck on a word, and much more!
  • 3 tips for more independent readers whether or not it's okay to let the read in their heads and how to encourage comprehension.

Perfect for conferences, distance learning, when you send home books to read, or ANYTIME!

This page isn't editable, but if there's anything you want to add, you can turn it into a 2-sided handout and add your own thoughts on back.

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