Rainbow Ten Frames for Calendar Math and Counting the Days of School

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Available in 4 beautiful rainbow options (linen, prism, crosshatch, starbursts) aaaand… one wild, non-rainbow option (leopard spots), these ten frames are a simple, effective tool for counting the school days together. They’d be a perfect addition to your calendar area. Check out the preview for pictures.


Numbers go from 0-200 (you can cut off any frames you don’t need, like if you only have closer to 180 days of school, for example). There are 4 ten frames on a page, which makes them EASY to display. If you hang them all up from day one, kids will be able to visualize how many days long the school year is and how far they’ve come.


You can mark the frames with dot stickers, hand-drawn Xs or dots, writing actual numbers, or anything you want. Enjoy!