Pumpkin Predictable, Rhyming Emergent Reader Book: "This Little Pumpkin"

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Adorable emergent reader perfect for Fall, Halloween... or any time! 

7 pages of predictable, rhyming text and picture clues guide young readers through this fun book that focuses on the words "this" "is" (and could also be used for "little").

Kids get to personalize every page by drawing the appropriate face on the pumpkin... for example, on the page that says, "This little pumpkin is happy." They draw a HAPPY face. It's also super fun to read the book together using appropriate voices for each page (read the happy page in a happy voice, the mad page in a mad voice, etc!). Kids will love this book and want to read it over and over! 


For teachers, this book is super simple to print. I would just run the pages back to back and (if your copy machine automatically staples) set it to do 2 staples on the side, slice the pages down the center when they come out and BOOM- all ready to read! :)