Phonics / Diagraphs / Letter Sounds Anchor Charts - MEMORABLE & USEFUL!

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Looking for a way to make diagraphs and letter sounds memorable for your little learners? Grab these colorful anchor charts and you'll be on your way!

This file contains all the charts seen in the preview:

2 styles of:
CH (options of associating it visually w/ CHin or CHoo CHoo)
WH (options of associating it visually w/ WHale or WH question words)

and also each of these (w/ brief explanations on the posters of why they're called what they are):
Baby Y
Bossy R
The Boo-Boo Sounds: OU & OW
Adorable, AWesome AU & AW
The ER Girls: ER, IR, & UR (they're sisters... they look different, but sound alike!)
The OY Boys (OI & OY)
The Sweet Ees (EE & EA)

Don't feel like you need to use ALL of these, but you have them if you need them! Pick and choose!

PLUS you also get 2 styles of "ing" crowns to make and wear when you're learning about the all-important, frequently occurring ING!

AND you also get a link to a video I made where I explain how I get all my Kinders to know sh, th, and ch a few weeks into school. It's super simple and you can totally do it, too!

These are so GREAT! Memorable for kids and useful-- you'll catch them looking at them often to check things in their reading and writing. Every primary class should have something like this! Just print and GO!