Monthly Writing Journals! 18 paper options, 3 cover styles! Daily Journals!

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Create perfect journals for your little writers, quickly and simply! Select a cover (3 styles: classic, sketchy, and fun... one for every month of the year!), choose the paper that's right for your students (18 options, all designed by a teacher with 18+ years experience!), copy, staple and you're all ready to write!


More about the paper: 
*Every page has a space for the date. I usually teach kids to write "the short-cut date" (like 9-28-13). 

*The lines are all grey so they serve their purpose as far as guiding children's writing, BUT they don't overpower their pencil marks like dark black lines do. The grey lines let their writing SHINE! :) I love this!

So many options so you can find exactly what your kids need: 
* NO lines at all
* One dark line to divide picture from writing
* Paper with 1, 2, 3, or 4 lines and space for a picture (many teachers believe the picture is as important as thew words for our littlest writers! They can be taught to draw details there that they might not be able to add in their words yet!)
* For your kids who need lots of room to write, there are even pages with just lines! 

Even if you are not interested in making journals and want to give kids access to a TON of different writing papers for your writer's workshop or "work on writing" time- here you go- JACKPOT! :)

Writing lines come in 4 main styles: 
* Plain lines 
* "Handwriting Without Tears" style lines
* Traditional handwriting lines with the dashed line down the center
* and (my favorite for K/1) a white line for kids to write and then has a shaded grey space above where teachers can "translate" kid's writing... or as I tell my kids "This is how your words would look if we saw them in a book!" Use whichever best supports your kids.

Hope this product is helpful and useful to you and your young writers! Thanks for stopping by! 


Other awesome teachers are saying:

"We used everything in the pack and it was wonderful!" 

"Cute ideas that first graders can actually do by themselves. The moms are going to love it."

"Love these that there was more than one to choose from."

"Awesome! I will use this for a very long time to come!"