Math Story / Word Problems * EDITABLE & FUN to Personalize in Google * ALL Ages

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Looking for a simple way to make math FUN & RELEVANT for your class (distance learning OR face-to-face)? This collection of 52 real-life math word problems are guaranteed to leave your students begging for more (I've used & perfected them over the past 20 years and seriously- the kids ALWAYS want MORE!!!) They’re all editable so you can add your students names into the problems, change number values, edit fonts- whatever you want! Working through these story problems presents an awesome opportunity for your students to share their THINKING and their VOICE. You'll be amazed.

The Google Slides includes 52 story problems:

✳️16 addition (result unknown 3+1= __, start unknown __ + 1=4, change unknown 3+__=4)

✳️16 subtraction (result unknown 3-1=__, start unknown __-1=2, change unknown 3-__=2)

✳️11 multiplication (for example- "There are 3 apple trees and 5 apples in each tree, how many apples are there?")

✳️9 division (measurement division/# of groups unknown, for example : "There are 25 kids and 5 kids in each group, how many groups are there?" and partitive division/# of objects in the group is unknown, for example: "15 flowers were planted in 5 rows. How many flowers are in each row?")

For ALL Ages: They problems are worded so well (and the values are all editable) so even the youngest mathematicians will be able to solve "multiplication" and "division" problems by drawing quick pictures or using manipulatives. I promise- I teach Kindergarten and this 100% works and leaves them begging for more. :)

The beautiful thing about this is that all of the creative, time-consuming work is already DONE for you... just flip through, use what you want, change what you want.... It's all yours!

HOW TO USE IT: Since there are so many problems, these could last you quite awhile. You could do one a day (many teachers have told me they like them for morning work / problem of the day) OR (this is what always happens to me....) the kids love it so much, that they'll be begging for more, so we will work through as many problems as we can with the time we have. I spread it out over several days. In my face-to-face class I have everyone gathered around, working on whiteboards. They silently flash me their answer when they know it and I give them a thumbs up or tell them to keep thinking. Then I'd have a couple kids share their thinking and show that there is more than one way to find the correct answer. I let them teach and learn from each other.

In a distance learning situation, I'd present the problems via video or video conference and do it basically the same way. Kids could pause the video to work and then press play to see if they got it correct. They could send you a picture/video of their thinking and you could share some out to the group, etc.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5-STAR REVIEWS: This is actually an upgrade and totally fresh format (Google Slides vs PPT) of an older resource with almost 200 5-Star reviews. The problems are basically the same. I also have it in PPT if you want and don't mind the less-pretty clipart. :) Teachers LOVE it and are saying:

❤️"Always looking for good word problems that promote thinking and great discussions AND this product does not disappoint. Love that it is editable which makes it more engaging for my students because I can add their names into the word problems."

❤️"Utterly awesome resource!! I put my kids names in it, and of course they LOVE being part of the lesson. Plus, I can edit the numbers to target specific kids and their skill set, but still have everyone as part of the same activity."

❤️"Looking forward to using the CGI method for Morning Work for my first graders. Thank you for making this file editable so that I can adapt to the needs of my students!"

❤️"This is exactly what I was looking for and I wasn't sure if I would find something as great as this...until now!"