Math & Literacy Digital Activities BUNDLE! For in class or online! SO FUN!

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This is a $-saving bundle of 26 HIGHLY engaging digital activities your class will LOVE. Students will feel more like they're on a fun scavenger hunt or playing an exciting game than doing work.

Students get:

  • Instant feedback for correct/incorrect answers
  • Optional recording pages you can print or put into Seesaw Activities, etc.
  • TONS of valuable math and literacy skill practice with an engaging game-style feel
  • 2 easy ways to access the activities in class or from home: QR codes or a web address. Teachers can insert either of these into any learning management system like Seesaw, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, etc.

GOOD NEWS: NO special log-ins or accounts are required! Just click the link! These work with any device. All you need is internet access. SIMPLE!


  • CVC words (3 games of 12 words each)
  • letter identification (2 games: one for capital & one for lowercase)
  • beginning, middle, and ending sounds (6 games: 2 for beginning sounds, 2 for middle, and 2 for ending sounds)
  • counting to 12
  • patterns
  • tally marks
  • addition (ways to make 5, ways to make 10, +1, doubles facts)
  • subtraction (within 10, -1)
  • coins (nickels and pennies)
  • non-standard measurement
  • ten frames
  • time to the hour
  • weight on a balance scale
  • multiplication (15 of the most commonly missed facts)