Letter sounds , writing , people drawing , community : King & Queen of the Day!

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King and Queen of the Day is an AWESOME routine to start your school year off right! It's excellent for community building and skill building and I promise your class will LOOOOVE it. I've done it for years and years and it's always a hit!

***************************************************************************** ALL THE INTERESTING DETAILS: 

Included here you'll find: 
unique cover pages for the king or queen, 
drawing pages for all your students, 
AND 7 pages of really detailed directions on all the tips, tricks and fun ideas I've come up with over the years of doing "King and Queen of the Day!"

My instructions include how to do modeled writing (stretching out sounds, names, writing sentences, etc), modeled drawing (working on teaching kindergarteners how to draw people! This is huge! And also how to add details and appropriate colors to their artwork), how to let the student's do their independent people drawing, how to share and reinforce skills at the end, and finally presenting the king or queen with a book of all the wonderful pictures their friends have drawn for them to take home.

Also included, you get directions for a fun, letter/sound focused follow-up activity to keep the learning going once the "King and Queen" routine is finished and each child has had a turn.

You'll LOVE this! So worth your time and money!


Other awesome teachers are saying:
"This resource has helped me plan for my King and Queen time tremendously. Thank you so much for making such a great resource and taking the time to give such a detailed description of how you utilize it in your classroom. :) Much appreciated!"

"I love King and Queen of the day as much as the kids do! Thank you so much for sharing!"