Fun Fall Pattern Practice : AB, ABC, AAB, AABC : Print & Go, 4 Options, FREE!

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This is a print-and-go, differentiated activity you can do with your class to practice patterns, cutting, and gluing... all valuable skills!

Pattern pages include: AB, ABC, AAB, and AABC.

Teaching Ideas: This resource would be perfect for:

✅math stations / centers

✅teaching your small groups

✅a whole group activity

✅age-appropriate homework

✅an assessment about patterns

You could have kids do just one page, 2, 3, or all 4. I used it as part of my math small groups and gave a different page to each group, based on their level. Each group spent about 10 minutes on it and I learned a lot about their thinking and understanding of patterns as I watched them figure everything out.

Happy Fall! Enjoy this free resource!