Favorite end of the year writing project: advice to future students K-5

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This product includes tailored pages for every elementary grade... wide lines for K and 1, thinner lines for 1-5 (yes, both for first so you have the option). This is the PERFECT end of the year/beginning of the year writing project for so many reasons! At the end of the school year, have your current class write advice to next year’s class… tell them what they’ll love, what to watch out for, all the great & exciting things the new kids will need to know. Keep these safe over the summer, maybe mat them on some bright construction paper and add a photo of each author, and then post them outside your classroom at the beginning of the new school year! Your former students will love to see their work displayed and new students and parents will love to read about what they have to look forward to. This is also a perfect space filler for the empty hallway space you have in the Fall before you get tons of student work to fill it up. It makes “Meet the Teacher/Back to School night” very fun and festive! Enjoy! Borders from KPM Doodles.