Family Portrait Directed Drawing ! Families will treasure this FOREVER!

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Every parent LOVES is a picture of their family, drawn by their child. ❤️ You'll be a fan of how simple it is to teach & your artists will be so proud of their masterpieces! It'd be a priceless gift at conferences, holidays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or a meaningful classroom / hallway display anytime!




This purchase includes:


✅ 10 beautiful, print-and-go frame options (choose one for your class or print several and let them choose)

✅ Templates for kids to trace 2 head sizes (a larger one for adults/teens and smaller for kids/babies)

✅ a gorgeous, full color 58-slide show that guides everyone (including you!) step-by-step through the drawing and coloring process. You get detailed photos, clear explanations worded in ways that kids understand, tips and reassurance for artists, and loads of creative variations so all YOU have to do is flip through this show, one page at a time. Super simple to teach!


Important Note: Our student's families come in all shapes and sizes so rest assured this lesson is VERY thoughtfully designed so that the directions will fit EVERY student's family and no one will feel left out. (details in the preview)


Want to save $?: You can get the family portrait PLUS the classic self portrait (sold & loved over 15K+ times!) HERE!




I have several directed drawing projects available and happy teachers are saying:


❤️This is seriously one of the most amazing directed drawing files I have ever purchased. I teach pre-k and I was nervous about starting this project, however the directions and examples made this project go off without a hitch. I HIGHLY recommend buying this today!


❤️"The kids LOVED it. I'm a big fan of directed drawing activities, and this one is laid our beautifully. So fun!"


❤️"I was amazed at how these turned out! I love how directed drawings still turn out so individualized. Such a great confidence booster for the kids!"


❤️"Love this. It is easy to follow, has everything anyone can need for this project, and it looks amazing."


❤️"Wow - fantastic! I love to do directed drawings and you have set this set up beautifully. I especially like the paper to give students the starting positions!"


❤️"I like directed drawing because I can fit it into my lesson, the kids have to follow directions and they feel good about something that they have created."


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