EDITABLE Homework Choice Boards for Google Slides or Powerpoint

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Product Description

These EDITABLE monthly homework choice boards are the perfect, time-saving, hassle-free solution for all your homework needs!


Each month of the year comes with 16 pre-filled (100% EDITABLE in your choice of Google Slides or Powerpoint) tasks that are appropriate and uncomplicated for families to complete, yet they meet many standards and are a great reinforcement for everything you're teaching in class. Each month includes academic tasks in these fun categories:

  • reading
  • sight words
  • science and nature
  • get moving
  • listening
  • writing
  • creating
  • kindness
  • gratitude
  • shape search
  • counting
  • responsibility
  • music
  • let's chat (conversation starters for kids to practice speaking and listening skills and also build relationships) and
  • on the road (life-skill memorization tasks like learning your address or your parent's phone number).

Many of the tasks do recommend having a family member (to walk with them and talk with them), but everything can be personalized to meet all unique situations of your class.


Everything except the clipart and header (words like "September Homework) are totally editable in powerpoint AND Google Slides (both options are included here). This means you can customize you own instructions and tasks. This resource saves you TONS of time and makes it simple for you make "homework" whatever you, your school, your parents, and students need/want it to be. A PDF version is also included in case you just want to print and go as is.


I like to copy these homework boards back-to-back with my monthly reading challenge sheets... you can buy them both as a bundle (and save $) or just grab one or the other.