Digital Math Activity COUNTING OBJECTS for Google Seesaw Distance Hybrid & MORE!

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Get ready to see your students excitedly searching, counting & celebrating success in this fire fighting themed digital math activity! It's HIGHLY engaging practice for any teaching situation: in person, hybrid, or distance learning over Seesaw, Google Classrooms, etc.

⭐️️THE EXCITING CHALLENGE: As students click on objects in the scene, they’ll be given a math problem to solve. If they’re successful, they have a 50/50 chance of collecting one of six super special treasures that are hidden throughout the puzzle. The goal of this activity is to uncover all 6 treasures ...and of course get lots of valuable practice counting objects from 1 to 12.

⭐️️EASY TO ACCESS & SHARE: The game is played on Google Slides which makes it accessible to EVERYONE on ANY device. No Google account or special log-ins are required- yay! Simply share the included web address link or QR code (via ANY platform you are using: Seesaw, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc.). Some people say this is "like Boom Cards, only BETTER!"

⭐️️Problems are self-grading so students get IMMEDIATE feedback about whether their answer is incorrect (they’ll be prompted to try again), or correct (they may or may not find a treasure, which makes the hunt even more exciting!). Students: no more just hoping and wondering if you got it right. Teachers: there’s NOTHING you’ll need to find & correct or spend time checking. Want something to document their work? There IS a recording sheet available. Details below.

You also get:

• ❤️A kid-friendly instruction page

• ✏️An OPTIONAL recording sheet which is nice for holding students accountable for their work, recording answers, extra practice, and tracking the treasures they’ve found. It's ready to print-and-go, but please understand it's NOT required to play the game. This is just an added bonus some teachers may appreciate.

•✳️QR codes you can print or share digitally so students can quickly and easily access the game without any adult assistance. These would work wonderfully at school or at home.

Note about Seesaw: This is resource is not a pre-made Seesaw activity yet. When I share it with my students over Seesaw, I just drop the link to the game in their Seesaw journal.  If you WANT to create an activity by snapping a screenshot of the recording sheet and giving kids the link to the game, I estimate it would take about 5 min and you have my permission to do that with this resource. I hope that helps!