CVC Word Writing Practice : Perfect for in class or at home!

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This resource has been thoughtfully designed! You get:

*5 PAGES of WORDS GROUPED BY VOWEL and 3 PAGES of MIXED VOWELS: Each vowel has a page dedicated to it with 8 words included. There are 3 “mixed vowel” pages at the end for extra practice when students are ready for it.

*A FEW LETTERS TO GUIDE THEIR THINKING: I’ve always felt like the focus on CVC writing (especially if students are working at home or on their own) should be on WRITING THE WORD, not on trying to figure out what in the world the picture is, right?! Ha ha! So if there was a picture here that I felt like they might not be automatically 110% sure what it is, I gave them a beginning letter to get their brains running in the right direction or affirm that they’re on the right track. 25 / 64 words have these one-letter hints to prevent frustration and confusion.

*LIGHT SPACES: Each picture is followed by 3 spaces to remind writers that they’re listening for THREE sounds. The spaces are intentionally lightly-colored so they don’t overpower student writing.

*VISUAL DIRECTIONS: These are included at the top of each page to guide students (and learning partners who may be helping them) about exactly what we want them to do.