CLASSIC math game! EDITABLE! Shapes, number sense, ten frames, addition, more!

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Around the World is a very engaging, exciting math game the whole class will LOVE! And now that you have this awesome {editable!} Powerpoint, it will be VERY simple and fun for you to implement into your day! 

Pages can be projected on your board or you can print them and use them as big flashcards. Feel free to take out any slides you don’t want and easily ADD IN anything else you think would be good practice for your students!

Did you play Around the World in class with flashcards when you were a kid? It's such a classic game!

This version starts kids out with dot patterns, moves into ten frames, double ten frames, then flows into 2D and 3D shapes, basic addition to 10, and finally doubles facts. I always include a transition slide in between skills so kids aren't caught off guard when the skills switch.

The BEST news is that it's a TOTALLY, COMPLETELY 100% EDITABLE Powerpoint! So if you want to take any of those skills out, go for it! Want to add in subtraction? Clocks? Multiplication? Division? Anything else? I've included 101 slides to get you started... it's all yours and you can do anything you want with it!

My class BEGS to play Around the World. They think it's SO fun... everyone is dialed in and focused on the facts on the screen. 

This file includes detailed directions in case you need a refresher or have never played. It's so simple... you can buy it today and play it right away! You can use it over and over and over... it's always a hit! Check it out!