Chinese New Year

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"Lots of fun! Creative, humorous, educational and entertaining! Children loved it!"

"This powerpoint is very interactive and eye catching! The students had a great time learning about the Chinese New Year."

This file is a power point show that takes your children on a whirlwind adventure around the world to China to celebrate Chinese New Year! 

Kids will love imagining buckling their seat belt on the plane, looking out to window to see baby pandas... and what's that?! The Great Wall of China?! Wow!

All you have to do is read through the slides for them-- it's very interactive and fun.

It teaches them how to say Happy New Year in Chinese, more about China, and how Chinese children prepare for and celebrate the new year! 

Looking for more? Finally, the show concludes by asking children what THEY would do if they were give "lucky money." This is the perfect jumping off point to read a book like "Sam and the Lucky Money" (which can be found on Discovery Education United Streaming if you have access to that) or it's a book you could check out from the library. But you don't NEED to read the book at all... you could just use the idea of being given money to spark a conversation about what to do with it...

AND- breaking news!!... I've just added a "lucky money project" to my store! You can buy it for an additional $2... it's everything you need to have kids create their own lucky money envelopes and do a little writing about what they'd do if they had lucky money to spend, save, or give! They'll love it! Find it here on TpT!

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!!