Animals 2x2 Interactive Science Journal for the FOSS unit... Print and GO!

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Do you teach the FOSS Science Animals 2x2 unit? Grab this journal to make it extra interesting for your kiddos and super simple for YOU to teach! 


Included here you’ll find a top quality, print and GO, 15-page science journal for your kids, complete with fascinating facts, table of contents, meaningful questions and thinking maps, and a simple style designed by a real Kindergarten teacher with young learners in mind. 

It includes pages for fish (goldfish vs guppies), worms (red worms vs night crawlers) and isopods (sow bugs vs pill bugs). It’s followed by an answer key for YOU just in case you have any questions and so you don’t have to run and look up random facts like how many hearts an earthworm has. You'll also get my tried and true “teacher tips” on the second to last page of this file… it’s a random compilation of tricks I’ve learned over the years to make this unit extra successful. 

This is seriously such a fun science unit. You class is SURE to love it, and now because you bought this packet, they’ll be more likely than ever to remember what they learned and studied (and I promise it'll make your job much easier and keep you organized!). Enjoy the animals!

**Please note: this item is not a science unit/lessons in itself. This is a unique journal that perfectly compliments the unit designed by FOSS. :)