Alphabet Activities for Pocket Chart, Table, Floor! Letter ID, Sounds, Matching

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This is an awesome resource your class is sure to love (and you will, too!) when they’re learning about letters (letter names, matching upper and lower case letters, letter sounds, and the order of the letters in the alphabet). It supplies you with a wide variety of options for stations, literacy centers, choice time, and partner/small group/ whole group games.


Basic prep (print, laminate, cut) and you’ll end up with a beautiful collection of 2.5 inch square cards designed to fit easily into little hands and any type of pocket chart. The cards would also work perfectly on the floor or any table/counter space- whatever you have will work great! Learning targets and title cards are included for everything. Light lines are also included at the bottom of each letter card so kids don’t get them upside down.


There are 4 sets of cards you can use for a variety of purposes (see specific ideas below):

✅Letter/ Picture/ Label cards : a clear bold capital letter, a beautiful illustration, and a label for the picture

✅Big, bold dark blue capital/ uppercase letter cards

✅Big, bold light blue lowercase letter cards (including a regular AND a “typewriter style” a and g)

✅Animal cards designed to be cut in half that have a uppercase letter on one side and the matching lowercase letter on the other side. Animal names begin with the letter on the cards. For example, the H card has a hippo on it.


Any of these could be done whole group, in a small group, with a partner, or alone. They’ll fit great on the floor, at a table/counter, or in a pocket chart.


1. Putting letters in order: Students can put any of the sets in alphabetical order (using the picture cards, the animal card, the plain capital letter cards or lowercase letter cards).


2. Matching capital & lowercase letters, Level one: Students can match put the animal cards. They can use the picture and the letters to guide and self-check their work.

Level two: Students can match the dark blue capital and light blue lowercase letter cards.


3. Naming letters and/or sounds: Students can play this CLASSIC, always fun learning game once the any of the sets of cards are in order (on the floor, table, or pocket chart):

1. While the rest of the group or the other partner isn’t looking, one person hides special cards behind 12 of the letters (special cards are included- keep reading).

2. Then the rest of the group/other person opens their eyes and tries to guess where the special cards are hidden. IMPORTANT: They MUST SAY the letter name (or sound- depending how you want to play!) before they lift it up and see if anything is underneath it. If students do not know the name or sound, they are allowed to point to the letter and the group will tell them the name (or sound) for them to repeat and then they can say it themselves before the look.


✅Cards are included to make this a game your kids will want to play ALL YEAR LONG! You get: apples, pumpkin, cute ghosts, babies dressed in Halloween outfits, colorful silly monsters, turkeys, gingerbread kids, snowflakes, characters from The Mitten by Jan Brett, groundhogs, hearts, shamrocks, Easter eggs, Spring things, rainbow sharks, beach items, emojis, rainbow bears, adorable dogs, donuts and sweet treats, 3 Little Pig characters, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears characters, colored crayons, US coins, and 2D/3D shapes. Imagine all the times you could turn this into a great seasonal activity!