ALL ABOUT ME PROJECT ... Perfect for back to school & building community!

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This is a sweet, simple project with 31 unique faces for kids to choose from! 

All of the info: 
favorite color
✅favorite thing to do
✅favorite food
✅hopes and dreams for this school year
✅what I plan to be when I grow up
✅name and birthday
fits onto one neat page making it SIMPLE to create & ADORABLE to display! 

It would look ✨AWESOME✨ in your hallway or on a bulletin board… and also serve as a cool “time capsule” to reflect back on later in the year: did you make your hope and dream for this school year come true? Are monkey bars still your favorite thing to do? …and so on. If you create portfolios for your kids, this would be a fabulous first entry. 

✅Check out the preview for a closer look at everything that's included!

 STEP ONE: CHOOSE A FACE: Kids ❤️LOVE looking at all the face options (15 different boys and 16 different girls) and choosing the one that they think most looks like them. 

 STEP TWO: WRITING: Students who can write well (1st / 2nd gr. & up?) can fill in the words themselves. For kids who aren’t ready to read/write independently (like MY class of kindergarteners!), here are my teacher tips on how I make the writing aspect of this project smooth and painless for my kindergarteners (& myself!):

After kids have chosen their face (you could print the page that shows all the options and have them point to the one they want. Then make notes for yourself about how many of each to print), I write in their name and birthday. It doesn’t take long. If you don’t have a chance to have them pick their faces before question #1, just make note of their answers on a class list and fill them in later. No problem.

The 5 blanks are: favorite color, favorite thing to do, favorite food, hopes and dreams for this school year, and what I plan to be when I grow up. Each of these turns into a simple ice breaker question I use during the first 5 days of school during our morning meeting – one question per day (and if you don’t do a morning meeting, you can still just sit your kids in a circle and teach them to say their name and answer the question). It might sound like this: “Hi, my name is Hannah and my favorite color is pink!” Then everyone replies, “Hi, Hannah!” & then you move to the next kid. They’ll get used to the routine quickly and be excited to hear what the “question of the day” is each morning! It’s quick and easy and also helps build classroom community as you all get to know names and what each other like and think about. 

Now here’s your job: You are the keeper of the papers/writer. So get a good marker or pen and as they say their answer, YOU write it on their sheet right then and there so it takes ZERO extra time. Rather than going in order around the circle, kids answer in the order of your papers so YOU say who goes next 9depending on whichever paper you have on top) to keep yourself from shuffling through the stack. 

 STEP THREE: COLORING: Finally, once the answers are all written in, it’s coloring time! I use this as an opportunity for kids to practice ”the kindergarten way” we color (or fill in w/ whatever grade you teach). I teach them about going in the same direction, choosing real colors, not coloring dark over the words, and staying in the lines. It is an interesting assessment on fine motor and listening skills for you to observe and see how the finished products turn out.