ABC Countdown to Summer HUGE Idea List, EDITABLE Calendar & EDITABLE Journal!

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Bundle Description
Summer is coming! Want to make your class countdown extra simple and special all at the same time? Grab this money saving bundle and you'll get:

It includes:
✅a copy of the calendar I send (so you can get ideas on how it could look and what I chose to include)
✅an editable version for you to create your own calendar in Powerpoint
✅a BIG list of ideas for what you could do for each letter A-Z 
✅an editable A-Z journal in three different handwriting styles (basic, manuscript, and a Handwriting w/o Tears style) so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Each page comes with room to practice handwriting, draw a picture, and add some writing. 

You and our class will LOVE the routine and learning this resource embeds into your final fun weeks together. Enjoy!