ABC Countdown to Summer EDITABLE Journal!

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An ABC Countdown is such a perfect way to wrap up your school year together! 
This journal gives your little writers a chance to practice their handwriting, drawing, and sentence writing. It also creates a cute keepsake for them to look back on and remember all the cool activities you did together as a class. 

I used the Editable ABC Countdown Calendar and Idea List
to come up with a plan for our last couple weeks (you can grab this in my store to make your life easier- there’s an example on the next page in case it helps you!). Then I typed the word for each letter into this journal, printed a copy for each child and was ready to roll!

My plan is to do the fun activity for each day and then have kids journal about it. For example, we’ll play games on our “G day” and then the kids could write and draw about what they played and how it went. I think it will add some nice structure and routine to our final few weeks together. 

This file includes a cool cover and a page for each letter of the alphabet. You can open the file in Powerpoint and quickly type your own word choice into the space on each page. Check out the preview for a closer look.

There are 3 different styles of handwriting lines/letters included:
✅Handwriting Without Tears style (double lines)
✅Printing with “regular” handwriting lines (dotted in the middle… like Zaner Bloser)
✅Manuscript with “regular” handwriting lines (like D’Nealian)

☀️Interested in the HUGE list of ideas on what you could include for each letter of your countdown, along with an EDITABLE calendar to get organized and share with families?
Find it here: Editable ABC Countdown Calendar and Idea List

OR grab the idea list, editable calendar, and editable journal as a $-saving BUNDLE here: Editable ABC Countdown BUNDLE