The Great Groundhog Art Project : Creative Fine Motor Practice

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Looking for a super unique & really adorable groundhog art project? Ding, ding, ding...This one is a winner! It also doubles as fantastic fine motor practice!

Students can simply cut out the pattern and glue it together... but if you really want to make it special & fun, give them each a Q-tip and a little cup of water. They will use the wet Q-tip to simply trace over any lines they would have cut on and then .... here comes the MAGIC... they can just easily punch/rip the pieces out!!! It's seriously so cool. You're going to love it. The imperfect textured rips create the unique look of groundhog fur!

 Simple Prep: Just copy the included pattern onto brown construction paper.

 Optional background papers (with the sun and cloud on it) are included if you want them. Groundhogs could also be glued onto blue paper.

 If you want even more great groundhog activities, I have you covered: Animal Research, word searches, headbands, graphs, and more... a whole big bunch of educational activities! Save money and grab the bundle HERE! :)