Write the Room .. CVC & CVCE words .. simple, letter & sounds literacy word work

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Product Description
Write the Room is a hands-on, engaging, low-maintenance, independent literacy activity your students will LOVE! They'll be active and moving as they learn vocabulary and practice their writing skills. This collection is all about CVC and CVCE words.

This collection includes 9 sets of 12 cards (available in TWO different versions so you can choose what's best for your class: with or without hints - see preview for details. Both versions have letter shape boxes to guide students on CVC words.):

CVC words: short a vowel
CVC words: short e vowel
CVC words: short i vowel
CVC words: short o vowel
CVC words: short u vowel
3 sets CVC words with MIXED medial vowels
CVCE words: long A, I, O vowels (available with and without vowel shown on card)

Each set has three components :

1. A SET OF 12 COLORFUL DISPLAY CARDS: You’ll print these and put them around the classroom. I have cute clothespins stuck to the wall with blue sticky tack, but you could do whatever works for you. You can even train students to change the cards for you (smart!). I just clip new cards in each week (I keep each set of 12 cards up for about a week and have other literacy and seasonal skill-based sets for other weeks- available individually or bundled in my store). 

2. RECORDING SHEETS: You’ll find several differentiated options… check them out and choose whatever is best for your kids. The preview offers a closer look. 
* Simple & Sweet (Perfect if you don’t want to make new copies each week- this one consistent sheet could be used ALL year long!)
* Simple WITH Picture Clues (Nice if you want kids to be able to easily “re-read” the finished product and recall what each word says)
* Circle the Word (Awesome for kids who aren’t ready to write the whole word on their own- they look @ the display cards & circle the matches)
* Sorting (only for CVCE) (Great for helping students discover how words are related.)

3. ANSWER KEYS: These are for you (just in case) and/or for the kids. They might think it’s fun to check their own work after they finish finding and recording the words. 

THE ROUTINE: Kids put their recording sheet on a clipboard (fun!) and walk around finding the words and recording their answers. Words can be found in ANY order, but they’re numbered to keep things organized and let them see what else they’re looking for. Cards are also clearly labeled and color-coded for you so you never have to wonder which card belongs to which set. 

Happy writing!