Daily Journal Writing! An ENTIRE YEAR of Print & GO Journal Writing Prompts!

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If you love being organized for the entire year, connecting with your students, and giving them time to write... you will LOVE this packet!

Journal writing can be perfect as morning work, in a station or center, or as a subject all it's own... it's so important for kids to have some writing practice every day!


This packet includes ideas and instructions for use followed by ALL the copies you'll need to be ready for the year! You won't be running to the copy machine or printer every morning... just print it once and you're done! :) 

There are over 100 prompts all organized by similar topic. 
Big topics included are: 

* "A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS" (like "What is your favorite thing to do with your family?")


* "WRITE ABOUT A TIME WHEN..." (like "Write about a time when you were sick." Ick, I know, but kids LOVE writing about that! Ha!)

* "THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE" (like "Write about the youngest person you know.")

* "WISHES" (like "What do you want to be when you grow up?")

* "LISTS" (like "List two things you could do to help someone today!")

* "WHY?" (like "Why is it important to brush your teeth?")

Please note: this is NOT a collection of writing paper. It is a HUGE collection of prompts to carry your budding journal-ers throughout a terrific school year! You are free to use the paper that best meets the needs of your students, or what your school or district thinks is best. 

Here are further directions to help explain how you use the prompts:

⭐️ 1. Simply print one copy of this packet. 

There are 3 pages of each unique prompt and 10 prompts on each page. I’m hoping 30 prompts is enough for your class so you can just grab the 3 pages and not have to make extra copies... ever! 

⭐️ 2. Cut the prompts apart so there is one strip for each child. 

You can do this all at the beginning of the year, a week at a time, or just do one day at a time. 

a. I usually just paperclip them together, pop them in my pocket, and dramatically whip them out when I reveal to the students what their prompt will be today. 

b. You could also have them cut and ready in a certain place and train children to grab one and do their journal writing as morning work. It is important for all kids to be writing everyday and journal writing is great, authentic practice!

⭐️ 3. Students quickly glue stick the prompt to the top of their journal page and start writing! That’s it!

I’ve found, especially in Kindergarten, it’s nice to be have the prompt up top to easily recall what they were writing about as you look back through the journal. :) It also helps transform the journal into a fun keepsake/time capsule for them❤️❤️❤️… full of writing about things that happened to them, their favorite stuff, things they’ve done, places they’ve gone, etc. 

Thanks for looking!!


❤️"I love these prompts! I'm learning so much about my students as they respond to their daily prompts! Thank You!"


❤️"Coming up with simple prompts has always been a struggle for me. Not sure why! This saves me so much "stress". Can't wait to use them in writer's workshop next year with my firsties!" 

❤️"The kids really liked these and it saved me so much time!"

❤️"I have been using these for YEARS! Great resource! Thank you."

❤️"These have been an awesome resource for me this year! I cut some out ahead of time, staple the ends, and put them in a Ziploc."

See how this project turned out in my class!! You'll LOVE it!!!