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If you are looking for age-appropriate homework or a distance learning / e-Learning solution for your primary students, this is the perfect resource for you! It’s simple to save and share it digitally or print it from Google Slides.

Three unique choice boards are included. Each board is already filled in with 16 thoughtfully selected tasks that are age-appropriate for Kindergarten (give or take a year). Please see the preview for all the awesome topics that are covered! I feel like each board could be a week’s worth of “homework.” You may also send other supplementary learning (like the “Super Speedy Sight Word Challenge”) or some books or worksheets, but depending on what you need, this may be enough right here.

If you have older students or want to change anything about the tasks, you can EDIT EVERYTHING on each of the boards to reflect what your class is learning and what you want them to work on.

You can also edit the directions (Do you want families to complete a certain number of tasks per day? Should parents initial the boxes their student does? Should they snap a photo of the completed board and send it to you?). You’re the boss!

So basically, you can purchase and have this ready to go TODAY just as it is OR spend a few minutes making a few simple personalized tweaks. No matter what, it will give your students plenty to work on while they’re away from school.

NOTE: This resource conveniently links directly to your Google Drive when you buy it. If you'd rather just have a link to open it by yourself, please feel free to email me your order # and name I am happy to send it to you in the way you're most comfortable with. :)